What Factors Are Related To The Efficient Screening Of The Swing Sieve?

Swing screen, a high-precision screening equipment, one of the advantages of the swing screen is that its screening accuracy, efficiency and screen life are 5-10 times that of conventional round screens, and it meets all fine and ultra-fine ranges. Powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for difficult to handle materials. This alone will be the first choice of most people. However, the swing sieve also brings a lot of economic value to the enterprise.

The reason why the swing sieve has high sieving accuracy is inseparable from its multiple sieving methods: rotary sieving, slewing reverse sieving, double treatment sieving, combined sieving The classification methods have their own characteristics, and the swinging screen is used efficiently. So, what factors will affect the screening accuracy and output of the swinging screen in the screening process? Hongchang Machinery will give you a brief introduction below.

1. The radial and tangential inclination of the swing screen. These two inclination angles cause the involute spiral movement of the material on the screen surface. This movement trajectory allows the material to travel a relatively long path on a relatively small area to improve the screening accuracy. It can be seen that the number of inclination angles is set incorrectly, which will greatly affect the screening accuracy of the swing screen.

2. The size of the swinging sieve and the mesh shape, size, and opening rate. We know that the larger the contact area between the screen and the material, the higher the screening accuracy and output of the material, and the larger the opening rate, the higher the screening output.

3. It is related to the characteristics of the material itself. The material sieved by the swing sieve is not too dry or too wet. The best sieving effect can be achieved only when the dry humidity is moderate.

4. The amount of feed will also affect the screening accuracy and output of the swing screen. If too much material is thrown in at one time, the speed will not be reached, which will cause the screen to be blocked or damage the screen. .

The points listed above are just a few of the many factors that affect the screening output and accuracy of swinging screens. To achieve high screening accuracy and output and maximize the use of swinging screens, they must be used reasonably and correctly, and regularly Cleaning and maintenance can bring better economic benefits to the company.