What Are The Materials Of The Shaker Screen?

Sieves are commonly used items, both industrial and civilian. They are commonly used items. Industrial sieves generally have high requirements for the mesh diameter and wire diameter. The screen is also the main component of the vibrating screen, and it is also the core component. The whole machine running without the screen will lose any meaning. Therefore, the screen is an indispensable part of the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen industry has relatively high requirements for the screen. Many customers' powder materials have higher requirements for particle size, which reflects the requirements of the screen mesh.

The screen has a hole diameter and a wire diameter. The hole diameter represents the diameter of the mesh, and the wire diameter represents the diameter of the wire. Vibrating screens generally have strict requirements on the screen orifice plate. Generally, they can be applied in the range of national specifications. The defective screens are generally difficult to use in the vibrating screen industry.