Conditions For Installing The Screen Of The Linear Vibrating Screen Hook Plate

The linear vibrating screen understands the equipment as a rectangular state from the two straight lines. This type of vibrating screen is mainly referred to as a rectangular vibrating screen. The material moves forward on the screen surface. During the operation, it is called a linear screen in the form of a straight line. There are many ways to install this type of linear vibrating screen. Today, I will mainly talk about which is suitable for installing the screen with a hook plate structure. What are the benefits of the hook plate structure?

One: The requirements for the mesh number of the linear vibrating screen with hook plate structure:

The hook plate screen installation method has certain requirements for the wire diameter of the net. A screen with a smaller mesh and a smaller wire diameter is not suitable for the hook plate structure. Although the hook plate structure can also tighten the screen with a smaller wire diameter. It can also increase the output, but without a supporting net under the screen of the hook-panel structure, the screen cannot easily bear the weight of the material and rupture. It is also impossible to install a bouncing ball cleaning device for the screen of the hook plate structure. If the mesh of the screen is small, it is easy to block the screen. If the wire diameter is too thick, do not choose the installation method of pulling the net type. The wire diameter is too thick, and it is not difficult to tighten the sides. It is more troublesome to replace the screen.

Second: the requirements of the number of layers of the screen linear vibrating screen:

The installation method of the hook plate screen generally has no special requirements for the number of layers of the linear vibrating screen, but it is not noticed that the number of layers of the hook plate installation screen is too large, and particularly many will cause some trouble to the replacement of the lower screen. Generally, the lower the screen The thinner the screen, the easier it is to damage. The upper one is relatively thick when it is moved. Therefore, the upper screen has a longer life. When replacing the lower screen of the linear vibrating screen, the upper screen must be removed to complete the entire screen replacement process . Will cause some trouble to production.

The hook plate structure linear vibrating screen has a design without a grid frame. This can effectively increase the opening rate of the screen and effectively improve the processing capacity and screening accuracy of the linear vibrating screen. Specific communication with shaker manufacturers. Convenient design and production.